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Quality control checker - Warehouse - Temporar

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Quality control checker – Warehouse

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Job Description

Addition on the top of the salary:

  • Work after 18h +30%
  • Work after 00h +50%Saturdays +50%
  • Sundays and public holidays +100%

Work time:

  • 1st shift 5:15-14:15
  • 2nd shift 13:30-22:30
  • 3rd shift 9:30-18:30

EU workers: Flex contract 40hours per week, 1 months probationary
3rd countries: Year contract with 1 months probationary
Vacation: 5 weeks per year
Registration: RESIDENT BSN number
Work time: 3 shifts, NON negotiable
Housing: Organized deducted from the salary
Transport: Paid extra or organized by the company


  • Work under the team leader, supervisor and manager. NOT allowed to make their own decisions



  • (if pallet cannot be loaded because a truck is full, make sure thatthe process of reporting is followed)
  • ACTION: Corrective: QC can correct all mistakes in line with mentioned Function
  • check that “deliverers” properly drop loads on the correct location(with stickers facing the right side)
  • ACTION: Supportive: QC will support in the improvement of quality of the process



  • -check that loaders Mark all pallet with a marker after pallet havebeen scanned: make sure that only Marked pallets are loaded
  • ACTION: Advice: Indicate by observing which operators need extra training and reporting to the Q. Supervisor
  • check after loading that no marked pallet is still on the floor after loading and no un marked pallet have been loaded
  • ACTION: Advice QS, to carry out disciplinary action, when necessary



  • Check that pallets are stapled secure and correctly in the truck
  • Pallets are safely loaded to avoid any damages to content
  • control for Damages not to be loaded: damages are to be detected and immediately removed from the truck (report all)
  • check that all high priority client such as CAT, CS, EU RAPID: priorities are loaded first.



  • Check that all loaded pallets are secure, using all the various safety materials that we have. (make sure that bars are used


  • Valid ID
  • CV in English
  • Knowledge of the English language A2, B1 levelTeam player, responsible,
    independent, do-er