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Forklift drivers - Warehouse - Temporar

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Contract to Hire

Forklift drivers – Warehouse

Eindhoven, Netherlands

Job Description

A Forklift Operator’s job is to make sure that materials are transported around warehouses, factories and storage sites.

Forklift Operators use forklifts for unloading deliveries and stacking boxes and other items. They are responsible for ensuring items are transported and stored safely without damaging products.

Addition on the top of the salary:

  • Work after 18h +30%
  • Work after 00h +50% Saturdays +50%
  • Sundays and public holidays +100%

EU workers: Flex contract 40hours per week, 1 months probationary
3rd countries: Year contract with 1 months probationary
Vacation: 5 weeks per year
Registration:   RESIDENT BSN number
Work time: 3 shifts, NON negotiable
Housing: Organized deducted from the salary
Transport: Paid extra or organized by the company


  • Correct, effective and timely storage of goods
  • Moving and collecting goods in such a way that the right number of goodsare available in the right place in the right condition in time for shipment
  • Picks orders based on the information provided
  • Composes orders in accordance with instructions
  • Prepares orders for shipment according to the agreements with the clientand internal procedures (performs operations repacking, labelling,stickering, sealing, weighing etc.)
  • Loading and unloading of goods in accordance with procedures andguidelines with regard to safety and cleanliness, such that the right numberof goods are in the right place in the right position and on time
  • Loads and unloads trucks based on the planning, applies the loading andunloading procedures and regulations for this purpose
  • Sorts, if applicable, and checks incoming and outgoing goods
  • Places incoming and outgoing goods in the correct location
  • Work under the team leader, supervisor and manager. NOT allowed to make their own decisions
  • Performs checks on the goods (quantitatively and qualitatively) based ondata on the loading and unloading lists and takes action on deviations
  • Responds alertly to deviations or damage and reports this to theWarehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Team Leader
  • Keep the workspace clean in accordance with the applicable regulations.
  • Register goods
  • Registering goods and/or documents, in such a way that the administrationis correct and up to date
  • Registers incoming goods and outgoing goods and/or documents, includingby means of scanning0


  • Valid ID
  • CV in English
  • Knowledge of the English language A2, B1 level Team player, responsible, independent, do-er
  • VCA certificate: organized and paid by the company if the worker doesn’t have